Immigration policies should reflect our best values, not our worst prejudices. We need an immigration system that allows honest people to join mainstream society. 

Women and families have a right to make their own reproductive choices without interference from government, employers, or anyone else.  I am pro-choice.  

Sustainable energy from wind, solar, and biofuels is the future of our state, our country, and the world. In the long run, we all benefit from the economics of sustainable energy. We must have a balanced energy policy that looks beyond oil and gas.

Social Security is not a program. It's a promise. We can ensure retirement security for our children and grandchildren by raising the cap on contributions to Social Security. 

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

I believe in the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Congress should look to Colorado as an example of effective gun safety legislation. 

Veterans deserve our best.  "How will we care for the veterans?" should be the first question we ask when we are considering defense budgets or military actions.  

Campaign Finance Reform is critical if we are to reclaim our democracy. We must overturn Citizens United and get rid of the influence of Big Money in politics. We need publicly funded elections. None of the other changes we want can happen until we change the way elections are funded. 

I believe... 

Education is an investment. Students should not be locked out of school simply because they can't afford tuition. We need affordable college with low-cost or free tuition and student loans that will actually work in a graduate's budget. This is a national security issue. Our economy needs doctors, teachers, engineers, and all other kinds of trained professionals. If we don't create our own, then we will have to rely on other countries to do it for us.